Throughout my academic pathways, I worked for/with or received teaching from a lot of bright researchers. They all contributed to making me who I am today and how I work and approach research questions.

This page is intended to express my deep gratitude to those who have had the most important impact, mainly through internships, on the way I work today and on the definition of the research topics I am interested in today (please contact if you wish to be removed from the list).


Acknowledgment does not constitute agreement or endorsement.
What follows should not be understood in any way as an endorsement of my work or my person, by
any of the researchers cited.


  • From Inserm (METHODS Team)

    • Professor Raphael Porcher

    • All the Professors/researchers involved in the MPH in CER

  • From Hospinnomics:

    • Professor Lise Rochaix

    • Dr. Antoine Marsaudon

    • Dr. Jean-Claude K. Dupont

    • Dr. Christine Meyer-Meuret

  • From CNRS (MODAPA Research Projet)

    • Professor Agnès Gramain

    • Dr. Quitterie Roquebert

    • Dr. Marianne Tenand

    • Dr. Robin Hege