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Ph.D. topic

My Ph.D. project aims to infer the seroprevalence in France of 5 human herpesviruses (HSV1, HSV2, EBV, VZV, and CMV) and their possible interactions between each other and with other viruses such as HIV and HCV.

The studies conducted within this project rely on serological data provided by Cerba, a French laboratory, and various Hospitals.

This work received financial support from ANRS|MIE.

All the codes related to my PhD thesis will be made available on the dedicated GitLab repository. [Work in progress]



Alicia Le Bras, David  Hildick-Smith, Olivier Supplisson, Mohaned Egred, Philippe Brunel5, Adrian Banning, Ferenc Miroslaw, Marie–Claude Morice, Isabelle Durand-Zaleski

Olivier Supplisson, Tiffany Charmet, Simon Galmiche, Laura Schaeffer, Olivia Chény, Anne Lévy, Nathan Jeandet, Faïza Omar, Christophe David, Alexandra Mailles, and Arnaud Fontanet

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